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NanoScope Technologies was founded in 2009 with an objective to develop new methods and devices for scientific, industrial and biomedical applications. Nanoscope has developed a range of biomedical technologies which include diagnostics and therapeutic devices and molecules. These have already generated interest from several clinicians, industries and leaders. We strive to translate the technology to market and bedside.


Multi-Characteristic Opsin

Multimodal Pathological microscope

NanoSpectro device for painless in-situ cancer diagnosis


As categorized by the American Cancer Society, more than 1.7 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2016. The importance of obtaining an early cancer diagnosis is highlighted from the mortality rates that have not gone down for decades. Current imaging based diagnosis methods require large establishments and put a considerable financial burden on patients. Verification methods require highly trained personnel and specialized labs, and take days/weeks for analysis. A point-of-care, economical and fully automated cancer diagnosis device is hence highly desired, which does not exist till date.  NanoScope Technologies has developed novel, non-invasive patent pending Cancer Diagnostic Device as a low powered, safe bright light device that can detect and differentiate cancer tissue from normal tissue and benign tumor.

Multi-Characteristic Opsin for efficient light activation


Optogenetics has revolutionized basic biomedical research and is expected to have therapeutic impact in near future. Current electrode based stimulation methods are invasive, non-specific, and have limited resolution. NanoScope Technologies has developed a suite of synthetic Multi-Characteristics Opsins having high light sensitivity for sensitizing variety of cells/tissues towards light so that the targeted cells can be optically activated using very low intense light. Besides basic research, the therapeutic potential includes vision restoration and other physiological disorders.

Microscopic imaging and spectroscopy based pathological analysis of cancer and diseases with non-neoplastic changes


Early detection of diseases (via rigorous analysis) can greatly increase the chances for successful and recurrence-free treatment. NanoScope Technologies has developed multimodal pathological microscope that enables simultaneous characterization of nano-architecture of selected cells while visualizing and imaging of morphological features by pathologists. This economical and fully automated system will aid label-free detection of early neoplastic as well as non-neoplastic changes that occur in various human and animal diseases.

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